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Think Google Ads don't work?
Are too expensive?
Do You Think Nobody even clicks on Ads?

HA!  Sorry, this IS NOT fake news!

Data doesn’t lie! It is what is. It is reality.  And if you want to grow your business you need to know the facts…

From a July  2018 Wordstream study…..

  • 45.5% of consumers can’t tell the difference between and ad and an organic result.
  • If the keyword has high commercial intent, the consumer will click on an ad nearly 65% of the time.
  • The top 3 spots on a page (the ads) get 41% of all the clicks.
  • The top organic listing gets only 8.9% of the clicks.
  • 89% of the clicks on a page happen before the scroll.

…but there is the deal….Google Ads for roofing can break the bank if you don’t know what you are doing…. take for example our client that made the expensive mistake of taking this task while trying to run his business.   

The month before we met him his campaign generated a single conversion and it cost him $751.29.  To add insult to injury, the “lead” was for a $500 repair job that he didn’t even close.


Pretty painful to look at right!  

So here is what we did for him….

We scheduled a campaign audit, and we walked him through everything that was happening in his current campaign and explained how we could fix it. We actually didn’t change his budget… the campaign was so bad Google just wouldn’t show his ads (you know you suck when Google won’t take your money).

We hooked him up with high converting landing pages, cleaned up all the garbage keywords he was bidding on, fixed some basic targeting mistakes that 99% of Good Advertisters make, an started split testing ad copy.

Check out the results below….kind of crazy right!

Would You Like a Guaranteed 30 New Roof Installation Leads a Month?

Oh....and this all happened in the first month of working with him....

We improved every metric in his account....(ok, sure he spent $500 more but I don't recall him ever complaining that he went from one miserable repair lead to 33 new roof install leads.  Heck, his cost per clicks even dropped.... and this is what happens when a campaign is dialed in.  Want to see if your company could qualify for similar results?