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Want an unfair advantage when it comes to generating a reliable stream of new sales appointments for your Company that you can close EVERY – SINGLE – MONTH?

Why We’re Different

Lead Generation is ALL WE DO!

PPC Domination

Our name says it all, we are the Clicks Champs. We set up high converting PPC campaigns for your clients that compel highly motivated customers to call them. Unlike every other digital marketing agency, we don’t focus on one advertising platform.  Total Domination is our goal!

Conversion Optimization

Getting clicks is actually pretty easy, but if you want your advertising to return a ROI then turning clicks into customers is a absolutely necessary and you need an expert digital marketing agency to kick into high gear.  In terms of conversion rate optimization, we’re like a dog with a bone. We never stop improving conversion rates!


The one thing a business can do to improve their on-line marketing, and so few do it!  Most digital marketing agency owners don’t even do it themselves. Unlike others that treat remarketing like an add-on and charge extra, we include it in every campaign. Why? It has the best ROI and will make you money!

This is how we Roll…

Once we know exactly where you want to take your business, we design a custom & wallet friendly map to help you reach your destination in the fastest way possible!


At our digital marketing agency we create lead generation campaigns across multiple advertising platforms in order to find your ideal prospects. Unlike others that charge for EACH channel and piece meal your budget to death, we include this feature in ALL campaigns so we can deliver the best possible result for our digital marketing agency clients.

Digital Agency


Nothing ever stays the same in the digital marketing agency world and as a result, we are on a path of continued improvement, monitoring, and improvement.  Like the GPS in your car, we continually monitor your marketing campaigns and when needed we recalibrate the route. Let Atlanta’s top Digital Marketing Agency hook you up with a flood of new clients today!




Since PPC is ALL we do in our digital marketing agency, we are pretty dog-gone good at this thing! As a result, we can offer some pretty solid projections of the number of leads you can expect with your campaign. And if we don’t deliver, we keep working for free until you get there!

Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta

We’re a Top Rated PPC Agency

With the mission to provide effective, affordable and quickly responsive state-of-the-art digital marketing agency
services to clients all over the United States of America, we work tirelessly to ensure that your
website’s rank and traffic never goes down. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, our digital marketing
agency has worked with a ton of clients to enhance their web design and content to help generate more traffic, business
and popularity.

Online competition among businesses has become cutthroat as every lead generation company tries their best to grab the attention of the customer at the first glance and retain it. So we do not take our job lightly. Our versatile and dedicated team of
digital marketing agency experts has learned from the best in the industry and their own experience in the field speaks for
itself within our client reviews.

Atlanta Digital Marketing Services

From watches to warfare, the world is going digital. Technology is not only a supporting tool anymore for a digital marketing agency but a paramount aspect of everyday life for almost everyone, especially the newer generations. This is why we do what we do. We offer some of the most effective and quick digital marketing agency services in all of Atlanta, GA, and make sure that our
clients are always satisfied with the results. Because for us, happy clients are the best sort of marketing.

The wide-spanning influence of internet marketing is not because of one currently-trending technique – it is an amalgam
of a number of different  techniques molded to work in sync with each other to better the business outreach.
That is why we offer expertise in a few internet marketing strategies that have been proven to work for all our clients
and are predicted to stay highly relevant in the coming years too. So what do we actually have expertise in?

Social Media 

Ranked as the top most effective digital marketing agency strategy in 2018 by ‘Smart Insights’, social media promotions has
opened the gates, for even the smallest businesses, to a much wider audience and digital marketing agency clientele.

With almost 2.5 billion active users around the world, social media offers a fun, casual and brand-conscious medium to
express your voice and business outlook to the world. And we provide some of the most thorough, innovative and
attention grabbing social media digital marketing agency services in the biz.

SEO (Service Engine Optimization)

Let’s face it; almost none of us go to the 2nd page of results in a Google or Bing search. If you can’t find
what you’re looking for in the top suggestions, then you probably need some other resource – or at least that’s what
most of us think. So having your website among the best-rated resources in an online search automatically puts you in
the spot-light for any visitor.

We offer comprehensive Search Engine Optimization services in our digital marketing agency to enhance your online ranking and put your business right in front of your target audience.

Paid Search

Playing nice is not what internet marketing is about. You gotta do whatever it takes to get more traffic, especially
when your products are worth buying but not reaching the right audience. Paid Search s an effective strategy for such
businesses, if they have the finances to spare.  But a skilled digital marketing agency can save you money by optimizing your campaigns correctly.

Paid Traffic is a paid ad-campaign on popular search engines and many digital marketing agency deploy, where they place your info at the top of all suggestions when certain keywords are searched and you pay them for every single click or visit to the site through the ad.

Web Design and Development

You may think what web design may have to do with generating traffic or better ranking? But it’s the most crucial stepping stone in a digital marketing agency strategy. An ugly, hard-to-use and confusing website never attracted anyone or at least never retained any visitor. So having a visually pleasing, user-friendly and interactive web design always helps generate more traffic organically and also maintain it. And we are here to help create such a web presence for you.

Why Work with Clicks Champ?

We are not your average digital marketing agency offering the same standard package to everyone. We understand how important a
personalized digital marketing agency strategy is to you. And this is what makes us stand out as we consider every client’s
business as our own and work to enhance its reach and profitability.

So we’re pretty sure that once you work with our team, you won’t go anywhere else for better digital marketing agency


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