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Guaranteed Results First!

A professionally managed Google Ads campaign that delivers the GOODS, before we ask you to open your wallet. Tired of all the marketers hyping their "services" asking you to drop your hard earned cash before they demonstrate that they can actually deliver what they promise?

Yeah-- we hate those guys and gals too!

Are you losing your ever loving mind trying to figure out all the optimization strategies, split-test data, and confused by keyword “match” types?


Perhaps you are turning a tidy little profit with Google Ads, but you see your local competitors crushing it and you know you can do better if you only knew Google’s secret handshake or pass code to unlock all the optimization secrets so you can level up your business?


Do you want to skip to the last chapter of the book and find out how to unlock the secrets of getting more clicks, more conversions and lower CPCs without the tech overload of spending 60 hours a week babysitting your Google Ads account?


Would you like to double down your Google Ads ROI, but you’re pulling your hair out because it seems so much more complicated than the dude on YouTube made it seem?


Perhaps you set up what you thought was the “perfect” Google Ads campaign only to have Google body slam you with a massive charge on your Visa without generating nearly enough new business to justify the charge?


Not sure if you have everything set up right, worried you aren’t tracking your results, not quite sure about all the extensions and settings?


Have you ever hired a so-called Google Ads “professional” only to find you could have just did it better yourself without taking on the expense, lost time, and frustration?


Yep. Every single one of my clients felt exactly the same way before the filled out the form to your left.  Do that now and I’ll be in touch.

                                            What does a @#%$*$%^ GUARANTEED RESULTS Really Mean?

Does your BS meter go off when you hear someone claim “Guaranteed Results”? Yeah, me too, so this is what that phrase means to me.  If you are currently are running Google Ads, we’ll have a short call where we take a deep dive into your campaign to see how it is currently running.  I will ask you a bunch of questions about your goals. We’ll look under the hood of the campaign to determine if there are missed opportunities, areas for improvement, or any ways to improve your results.

Based on this information, we’ll plug your numbers into my proprietary Google Ads ROI calculator so you can see what your profit will look with a high octane fueled Google Ads campaign.

Since every campaign is different every guarantee is different so fill out that form above so you can see what you can expect.

If I think I can get you to your destination in a way that results in a kick-ass ROI for you I will describe what that might look like, but here is what my guarantee looks like—I will get you the result FIRST before asking for a dime.We take your current advertising budget, get it tuned up first before we ask you to pay us.  We believe in a pay-for-performance pricing model not the traditional pay-and-pray model.

So….basically have nothing to lose here and huge potential promise….

How’s that for a RISK FREE Offer? 

What are Some Results I Produced Recently?

Example 1:  I reduced the price per lead cost for a roofing contractor from $750 per lead to $68.  His net monthly net income increased by $24,000 (and this with his current ads budget and after he paid my management fee).

Example 2:  I increased the conversion ratio for a plumbing company from 5% to 37%.  On his own, we estimate he as getting 2 new customers a month (he wasn’t tracking anything), but after we took over his campaign we were able to generate 30 new customers with the same advertising budget.

Example 3: I helped a deck builder who was doing ok (59% ROI) on his own by increasing his ROI to 160% (again this was his current budget and after he paid us to do our thing).


Example 4:  Ok, extreme example and an over the top result, but we worked hard to get this one-- we were able to get a limo client an 82% conversion right. I will just drop the mic after that one

                                                          What Are Your Fees?

If this is your first question, then  this tells me your primary objective is to find the lowest cost provider to manage your Google Ads. I will tell you flat out—If you are bargain shopping then I am not the guy for you.

I am sure you can find a perfectly ok pay-and-pray marketer that will charge you $500 a month and perhaps they will even get lucky and return you a positive ROI.

More likely than not (since we often are called in to the clean up their disasters) you will actually lose money after you pay the advertising costs and their “small” fee.

My minimum goal is to get my clients a 100% ROI after they cover all their expenses, I said that was the minimum goal.

Ask your low cost provider if they will work for free until they get you a 100% ROI.

Here is What a Few Folks Have Said About Us…..

Here Is a Taste of the Results We Have Cooked Up For Our Clients…..


27% Conversion Rate for a Deck Builder

41% Conversion Rate for another Deck Builder and Holy Cow 4oo Leads Generated

28% Conversion Rate For a Demolition Company

104 Leads Generated For  a Roofer With an Average Cost Per Lead $57

28% Conversion Rate for a Commercial Roofer

Roofing Leads For $36!

The Ball Is In Your Court...

Is your business ready for a performance guaranteed Google Ads Campaign so you can level up your business and do what you do best?

Fill Out the Assessment Form and Let's Chat.

Marek McKenna 

My name is Marek, and the first thing you should know about me is I am hyper competitive and strive to win at everything I do. This is perhaps the top characteristic one should look for when hiring a Google Ads professional.  I successfully manage several millions of dollars of Google Ads budgets every year. Technically I could qualify as a Google Ads "guru", but I am too busy slugging it out in the trenches for my clients day-in-and-day out to indulge in the ego indulging activities such as writing books and amassing a gaggle of social media devotees. Who has time for that BS! I would much rather make money for my clients.

I have clients that have been with me for years because I flat out throw myself into getting them outstanding results in their Google Ads campaigns.  Here's the have to want your own success at least as much as I want it for you.  If this sounds good to you, then fill that pesky form out and if I believe I can crush it for you, then we'll set a goal and I guarantee I will take you to the promise land!