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Is SEO Dead?

Yep. Jumping right in with a click bait title.  And I will cut right to the chase, the answer is well…complicated. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of doing a bunch of technical wizardry to your website to get to the first page of Google.  Believe me, using SEO to grow your local […]

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Are You a Lead Buyer or a Lead Generator?

How to transform your business with into a Lead Generation Machine that runs on auto-pilot Have you ever chased someone or something with the hope of catching them?  Chasing anything never works. Have you noticed how the harder you pursue the more they run away be it horses, customers, or women am I right or […]

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How to Save Money with Your Google Ads Campaign

5 Reasons Why 97% of Companies Lose Money on their Google Ads Campaigns and How You can Your Bank Account from hemorrhaging money. Google Ads can be the magic bullet that can instantly start making your phone ring off the hook with new roofing jobs. It can also be a gigantic money pit of wasted […]

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If Trump Ran a Roofing Company

Hey, hey, hey welcome and today I want discuss about Donald Trump, the 2016 presidential election, the border wall, and running a roofing company.  Yep, no joke and I can guarantee you I am stone cold sober as I write this! Now here is the thing, I am totally like Michael Jordan although while I do live […]

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