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Case Studies

Before I show off the killer results we have achieved for other companies I wanted to show a result I recently saw posted in a roofing contractor Facebook group.

Since we do hundreds campaign audits every year we are well aware of PPC campaigns that  off kilter and leaking money. Rarely do we see a campaign that is so miserably optimized and tauted as a stellar result from a competitor. Since we had recently started running a campaign in a similarly sized city that blew this guy out of the water it made sense to do a little compare and contrast.

Niche: Roofing
City Size: 5 million
Time Frame: 11/25/2018-1/4/2019 6 Weeks
Total Conversions 9
Average Cost Per Lead:  $138.52

Here is how our Campaign Measures Up!

We also got 9 leads for our roofing client, but we did this in one week at a fraction of the cost!

Niche: Roofing
City Size: 3 million People (and it much further north so there would be less demand due to the seasonality of roofing.
Time Frame:  1/6/2019-1/12/2019 (1 week)
Number of Leads: 9
Cost per Lead: $40.74


So yeah… need to beat this horse to death. Even when you include the management fees, we probably beat the average cost per lead by around a $100. 

Here are some results we have gotten for other companies:

Here is a major US city (top 10 size) with higher price per leads in roofing, but I should note this was in the high season when there was more competition for ad space. Average cost per lead $88.

Here is a top 20 size US city for another roofing company. The average cost per lead in this campaign was just $36.  Note the conversion rate for this campaign was 54%.

We do PPC for more than just roofers!

Deck Builder leads $45

Demolition Company Leads $38.66

Divorce Attorney Leads $45

Employment Attorney Leads $36.03

Ear Nose & Throat Physician Leads $22.32

Limo Campaign Leads $30.84



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