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Marek McKenna

Hey, I am Marek McKenna – a lead generating ninja, bad ass business owner, all around nice guy!

In 2005, I left a corporate job that I earned more money in a year than my dad made ever made in a decade because I was bored and wanted more of a challenge. 

You see I am a systems guy, I love to take stuff apart, fix what is wrong, and make it work better. I had done that in every bleeping job I ever had. It started when I was in the Army, I was just a young buck sergeant, but my MOS did not have a systematized way to prepare for our annual skills test.  So, I created it.

Every job I ever had I gravitated to fixing broken processes and making things work better. I’ve been compared to Harvey Keitel’s character (the cleaner) in Pulp Fiction. I can see the problem and I help people and organizations clean up their messes.

So, I left that big paying corporate gig and started working with small business owners fixing their systems.  I did some good work and helped some really awesome business owners, but with every business owner I worked with I encountered one broken system time and time again.

Nearly every business has this problem and for the past 15 years it has become my life’s work—How to Make the Phone Ring! 

Nearly every business has a need for more inbound sales calls—lead generation!



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