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Turn your website into a lead generating machine

Hi. I’m Marek.

I’ve spent my entire career in technology, marketing, and navigating the internet and back again – and it’s my mission to help entrepreneurs stop wasting money on marketing campaigns that flat out don’t work.

You know how frustrating and even embarrassing it is when you spend time and money creating a website, launching a marketing or SEO campaign, and get underwhelming results?

I think by now, everyone can relate to this.

The truth is…what used to work to drive leads to your business: create a website, rank it on the first page, post on Facebook, doesn’t work anymore.

It worked back in the good old days (2016 and earlier), but doesn’t work so hot now.

There here’s a digital marketing joke that goes like this…

Where would a digital marketers hide a dead body?

The punchline, on page two of Google.

But that punchline is even becoming inaccurate…

The punchline of the 2018 version of the joke now is anywhere below the Maps section.

If your website is not at the top of the page NO even sees it.

85% of all clicks come from that area of the website before the user has to scroll, the above the fold. 

If the searcher has a high degree of buying intent, 64% of the clicks will be on an ad.

If the searcher is searching for a brand name, they are equally likely to click on an ad (even if it’s not your ad) as they are on your website.

If the searcher is searching for a local search term such as Roofing Company Cedar Rapids, they are equally likely to click on an ad as they are on the search result.

Is Search Engine Optimization even worth it…..

As more and more searches are made on mobile devices, those numbers are only going to tilt toward ads.

A year ago, we say in our search term results one out of ten phrases that started with the phrase “Google Call a….”

Now we see about 20% of results that start, “Hey Google…”, “Siri call a….”, or “Alexa get dial a….”

Since advertising is the main revenue source for these companies it shouldn’t take a rocket science to tell who is going to get that call.

When the consumer gives up their decision making ability to decide between an ad or the organic results to Google if you want more customers then you had better be buying ads!

Since our mission is making our client’s phones ring, we decided to get really good at this AdWords thing.

Let me show you these results.  A year ago, this roofing client spent $750 and got a single lead in one month, that he wasn’t even able to close. 

In no times at all he got 33 leads in a month, and closed 10 new roof install jobs.

This isn’t magic, it’s actually really quite simple, but it did require knuckling down and really learning everything about AdWords in order to start producing these types of results for our clients.


Schedule a call with me and I will tell you exactly how I did this and how you can do it too.

If you’re thinking you’ve already hired a bunch of digital marketers in the past, taken a few classes, tried AdWords in the past, and think you know all there is to know about growing your business online that’s what the guy in the example thought too.

He was wrong.

Here’s why this is different, you don’t need to do more marketing, you actually need to do less.

If you’re fed up trying to figure out how to get traction online, find out what you MUST know to start driving more leads to your roofing business, and get off the feast and famine cycle of chasing down referrals and leads your business is currently on then you need to watch this training.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how you can finally turn your company into a roofing lead generation machine.

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