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★If I could guarantee you 30+ new sales appointments quotes a month would you be interested?

Want an unfair advantage when it comes to generating a reliable stream of new quotes that you can close EVERY – SINGLE – MONTH?

Well, I’m not your unfair advantage, but the proprietary systems and processes that I can integrate into your business can be with a guarantee to back it up!

The data we collect virtually uncovers all the needles in the haystack, which are your future book of closed jobs. This is by far the most advanced system that literally generates qualified leads on demand.

People lie, marketers lie, but numbers don’t. I dare you to see real numbers that clearly demonstrates how data driven systems can be your unfair advantage and your competitors’ worst nightmare.

Want to know more? Send me a PM and simply say “I dare you.”

Who is Clicks Champ?

Hi, I’m Marek.
Founder of Clicks Champ & Quantum Digital Consulting Company.

It is pretty common for us to walk in and 10x, 20x, or more a business’ revenue in the first 30 days.
All we do is make people’s phones ring.
Join me now on a call and I will show how it works…


PPC Management

Proprietary systems allows us to connect homeowners that need a new roof with your roofing company at exactly the right time!

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Ready to tackle the big commercial roofing jobs? We’ll automate your LinkedIn prospecting and give you the inside track to the big jobs!

Google My Business Optimization

89% of consumers never scroll past this section. Your business MUST be in this section and we can help you get there!

Facebook Advertising

Not just for cat videos; deploy it correctly and it’s a powerful mechanism to generate affordable appointments for roofing quotes.

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